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Not Your Average Gap Year Program

Live your Judaism & elevate all areas of your life in the heart of the Negev

Up to $2,500 in scholarships for new applicants before February 25th

What makes Ruach Hanegev different?

Our Core Values


Vibrant & Authentic Israeli Community

✓ Join a close-knit cohort of young men ready to immerse themselves in a warm, vibrant, Zionist community in the Negev

✓ Participate in regular community activities and feel a part of the mishpacha (“family”)

✓ Give back to the community through dynamic and fun service learning opportunities

✓ Take what you learn in Beit Midrash and apply it to your daily life in a meaningful and modern way


Bring Judaism into 2021

 ✓Learn from relatable and down-to-earth rabbis and teachers who are ready to meet you where you are

✓ Dive into a variety of contemporary topics and understand how halacha applies today

✓ Surround yourself with endless opportunities for Jewish growth and development via hands-on and interactive experiences

✓ Gain the skills and habits to successfully incorporate Judaism into your life beyond your gap year


Service Learning

✓ Bring Torah to life by immersing yourself in local culture and contributing to important social impact projects that directly affect the community

✓ Take a break from learning by going out into the community each day and lending a helping hand

✓ Gain a deeper understanding of the various issues that Israel faces and your lifelong role in making Israel a better place

More One-Of-A-Kind Benefits

✓ Get credits from Ben Gurion University that can be transferred your college or university

✓ Learn modern Hebrew through fun and interactive Ulpan classes

✓ Participate in our Israel Advocacy Program to prepare yourself to confidently represent Israel on campus

✓ Build connections with real Israeli teens and get to know an authentic side of Israel not typically seen on regular family tours


Meet the Team 



Rosh Mechina/Executive Director



Rosh Beit Midrash/Educational Director

Why Mechina and not Yeshiva?

The Torah is a living Torah that exists and manifests itself in all areas of life. The Torah is not limited to the four corners of the Beit Midrash or Synagogue. It is for this reason that our mechina implements a holistic approach to Torah. This includes Torah classes, chavruta learning, volunteering, integrating with the local community as well as with other Israeli mechinot and structured night activities.


Mechinat Ruach HaNegev is a gap-year program located in the Negev that strives to cultivate a new generation of strong and inspired religious Zionists.


Our integrative program incorporates Beit Midrash and service learning, encouraging students to explore, clarify, and strengthen their spiritual and personal self — regardless of their religious educational background.


Our highly motivated and independent students will immerse themselves in a young and budding Israeli community in the Negev, and participate in a variety of intentional and authentic experiences to help them build a strong foundation as they prepare for the next steps in their lives.


We know that planning your gap year is a very exciting time and a big step in your journey 

Go ahead and submit your info below, we grant up to $2,500 in scholarships for applications submitted before February 25th

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