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תורת חיים ואהבת חסד -A life of Torah and a love of Chessed

The Torah is a living Torah that exists and manifests itself in all areas of life. The Torah is not limited to the four corners of the Beit Midrash or Synagogue. It is for this reason that our mechina implements a holistic approach to Torah. This includes Torah classes, chavruta learning, volunteering, integrating with the local community as well as with other Israeli mechinot and structured night activities.

Theme Based Curriculum

One key element that defines our approach is what we call Theme-Based Learning. Over the course of the year we will focus on eight themes, each lasting one month. Students will be immersed in the specific themes with focused learning, both in and out of the beit midrash. This will include in-depth classes, trips to visit people and places and activities that are relevant to that theme.









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