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Mechinat Ruach HaNegev

Live Your Judaism

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  • Combine formal and in-formal Jewish learning experiences on a DAILY basis.

  • Experience Israel on a deep and meaningful level by LIVING in a new religious community in the Negev.

  • Connect to YOUR place in the bigger picture of life.





Located in the heart of the Negev, in a small development town (Yishuv) called Retamim, just 30 minutes south of Beer Sheva.

Each student is an integral part of the Retamim community. 


Adopted Family Program allows students to build a deep connection that will last a lifetime!


Volunteering within the community helps us join the amazing process of BUILDING A COMMUNITY.


Retamim will always be a HOME for our students.

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Live the Nation.

Develop and deepen your connection with the Am Yisrael through our incredible Night Programming and Seminars.

White Feather

Live the Land.

Authentic and new Israel experiences will help you discover a deep connection and appreciation for the State of Israel. 

Sand Dunes

Live the Torah.

The Torah is a lifestyle. Our program strives to provide our students the motivation and tools to continue living a lifestyle of Torah and Mitzvot. 


Jewish Leadership

  • College life preparation

  • Israel Advocacy Programming

  • Torah B'Avoda - Judaism in the workplace

  • Meetings with local and international Jewish leaders 

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Multiple workouts every week with an ex Elite Unit IDF Commander. 

  • Healthy and diverse food options

  • Open area for plenty of fresh air!

  • Variety of sports courts and fields


 Unlimited opportunities for creativity and initiation

Optimal surroundings for growth and development

Connection to a young, Zionist, warm and inspiring community 

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